Results of the British Singles Championship
held at Isca Pétanque Club which is in the BPA's Devon Region
Sponsored by Exeter City Council

Organisers: Fred & Gill Stirland
Umpires: Mike Pegg & John Thatcher




Lee Jamieson 13 v 9 Michel Hourcastagnou
Semi - Final
Lee Edgar 11 v 13 Michel Hourcastagnou
Phil Claydon 9 v 13 Lee Jamieson
Quarter - Final
Michel Hourcastagnou 13 v 6 Jim Bell
Mike Quaia 10 v 13 Lee Edgar
Sofiane Lachani 9 v 13 Lee Jamieson
Dave Hodgson 6 v 13 Phil Claydon




Frank Gimone 13 v 11 Dave Brooks
Semi - Final
Dave Edgington 10 v 13 Dave Brooks
Frank Gimone 13 v 10 Roger Norton
Quarter - Final
Chris Best 8 v 13 Dave Brooks
Dave Edgington 13 v 8 Chris Allen
Roger Norton 13 v 5 Roger Nunns
Frank Gimone 13 v 6 Jan Baker


It is not always possible to read the handwriting of competitors on the registration forms so some names may be spelt incorrectly, please accept our apologies.