The BPA has undertaken a review of how Pétanque is run in the United Kingdom and in August 2003 embarked on a process to develop proposals for reform. While many members have contributed, now is the time for all members to review the proposals and vote on them.

All members should receive a ballot paper and prospectus in the week beginning 28th June. Please ensure you return your paper to Electoral Reform Services by the closing date of July 16th.


This prospectus contains information on the proposed changes to the BPA which we ask you to support.
Below is a summary of the objectives of the reorganisation, the corresponding proposals and impact on fees. This is followed by a summary of how the new organisations would be implemented following a vote in favour.


The BPA has undertaken a review of how Pétanque is run in the United Kingdom and in particular we wanted to modernise our structure so that it is;-



In August 2003 we embarked on a process of consultation and debate amongst members and officers which has resulted in proposals to achieve the above by;-

  1. Formation of separate National Pétanque Associations for England, Channel Islands, Scotland and Wales to promote and develop petanque in each country and to draw on their local sports funding. For Great Britain International matters the Home Nations will work together in a British Federation.

  2. The new England Petanque Association (EPA) will have a directly elected management committee (smaller than the current BPA Council) and the new independent County Regions will have the power and resources to develop according to the local needs of the members.

Impact on Fees

While fee setting is the responsibility of the new organisations these proposals are based on a Federation affiliation fee of £2.50 per head; an EPA membership fee of £5.50 and a variable County Region fee to be set independently by each County Region. Therefore members in England would pay £8.00 + their County Region fee. This is a radical change from the current arrangements of £17 BPA + £1 Region fee and is designed to make more resources available at the County Region level.

The resolution of details not yet agreed will be achieved after discussion and debate at the inaugural meetings of the new bodies, either by amendment of the draft constitution before adoption or by a policy agreement. For example the EPA needs to agree how appointed officers will serve the management committee and whether they will have a vote; terms of office (annual or longer) of elected officers and committee members; The Federation needs to agree qualification or selection for international teams.


The following transition arrangements, funded by the BPA, would be put into effect following member approval of the BPA structural reforms.

The inaugural AGM of the EPA to be held on the same date and at the same venue as the BPA AGM, October 16th 2004. The inaugural AGM of the WPA to be organised by the current Welsh Region of the BPA prior to the inaugural AGM of the British Federation which is to be held on November 20th 2004.


The arrangements to be followed for the issue notices, nominations and elections for the new organisations will be in accord with the draft constitutions contained in this prospectus.

Playing arrangements for 2005 will be prepared and developed by the current BPA Committees until such time as their work can be taken over by the new organisations. In particular this will include publication of the draft 2005 playing calendar in September 2004, the expected GB International qualification arrangements and the North Sea International tournament which it is Great Britain's turn to host in 2005.

Supporting Documents

British Federation Description

English Petanque Association Description

Draft Federation Constitution

Draft EPA Constitution