Results of the British Champion of Champions which was held at Kenilworth, in the BPA's West Midlands Region

Organiser: Adrian Thomas - Umpire: Mike Pegg

League REGION Shooter      
A Anglia 1 M Moss M Halsey P Boarder  
B Chiltern 1 M Eversden P Winston S Sewell T Gates
A Chiltern 2 C Cain A Emson S Huntley  
B East Midlands 1 J Sheffield J Sheffield J Lewis  
A East Midlands 2 J Edmonson R Linforth A Gill L Edmunsan
A Eastern 1 S Lachanni I Hall S Bird  
B Eastern 2 D Little K Flack F Britt  
B Great Western 1 R Norton J Gourlay M Shepherd  
B Isle of Wight 1 S Newton M Ringer A Wright  
A Isle of Wight 2 J Hoey A Hiscock G Dawkins  
A London 1 R Hanache J-G Fonteniie M mcDonald  
B London 2 D Hill D Randall M Barlow  
B Northern 1 T Inman G Reaser M Anderson  
A Northern 2 M Hardinly P Abbey J Hall  
A Southern 1 R Fisher R Baker H Ash  
B Southern 2 M Robertshaw G Elcome R Patterson  
B Thames Valley 1 P Claydon B Eoblett R Girdler  
A Thames Valley 2 D Winkworth M Blackall A Player  
B West Midlands 1 J Rousseau D Kimpton P Roche  
A West Midlands 2 A Sutton V Sutton A Watkins  
Playoff Qualifiers        
Eastern 1   Chiltern 1    
Chiltern 2   West Midlands 1  
Eastern 1 13 Chiltern 1 12  
West Midlands 1 13 Chiltern 2 4  
West Midlands 1  13 Eastern 1 7  
  West Midlands 1         

Results of the British Shooting Championship
Umpire: Dave Hancox - Assisted by Clare Brooks - Scorer: Dudley Lewin

Qualifiers Points      
J Rousseau 32      
S Newton 32      
D Hill 32      
S Lachanni 30      
J Rousseau 32      
S Lachanni 32      
D Hill 30      
S Newton 7      
CHAMPION J Rousseau 40      
S Lachanni 31