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  • I have played Bocce Ball in the USA but cannot find any reference on the web to courts in the UK. If there are any courts I would be extremely interested.
    I have selected the British Pètanque Website to post this message as Bocce Ball is related to Pètanque. I look forward to response

  • Hi Bill, Whilst Bocce and Pétanque are related, in England they appear to be very distant cousins.  I know that Bocce is played over here but have been unable to find any details of an organisation - I will carry out some more research, if I find anything I will contact you again

John holley

  • Many thanks for adding the link for the 'Ballater Boules Challenge' to your pages.
    The site is very informative, please keep up the good work.

  • Hi John, thanks

Steve Petrie

  • I am part of a small contingent of RAF personnel from RAF Odiham who have built a Pétanque court/pitch and would like to know if we could have some official rules sent out to weed out any potential cheating by our elder colleagues
  • Hi Steve, you can print the rules from the information page on this website, just select "Rules" from the top menu

John Deaville The Engine PC

  • Still a very interesting site Mike. It's great to have a trawl thru to see whats happening world wide
  • Thanks John

Barbara Randall Croydon P.C.

  • Mike, Please don't drop this site. It's too good to be dropped.
  • Hi Barbara, Thanks for the message of support glad you like the site.

Jeff Fox - Adur Pétanque Club

  • Hi, is it possible when you update the site, that you are able to identify the section which you have updated
  • I considered identifying the updates on the front page but when I update several pages which is the case this weekend it presents problems.  Instead I choose to put the date on the page updated.  It does not take very long to click through the pages and see which have been updated.

Martyn Fribbens - Hartley Pétanque Club

  • Do you have all of the old role of honour details and other history information from the ex-BPA site still available? It is as if nothing happened before 2005.
  • Yes I still have the British Association Roll of honour, I am keeping it updated and have put it on the "Information" page of this site.

Wilm Radeloff

  • Great page! many thanks for all the links!  I just started playing pétanque and would like to find a pétanque pitch in my area. Do you know if there are any fields in central London? Maybe Hyde park? Many thanks in advance
  • Hi Wilm, you can get a list of registered clubs in the London area by going to the English Petanque Association website

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