(Great Britain) Qualifying Round
held at Whittlesey on March 13th.
 for the
2005 European Cup for Clubs



4 Plough & Chequers 2 -v- Ventnor 1 1
1 Chequers 1 -v- Ventnor 1 4
4 Plough & Chequers 2 v Coventry 3
4 Ventnor 1 v Ventnor 2 3
1 Victorians -v- Plough & Chequers 1 4
3 Gravesend -v- Coventry 4
4 Plough & Chequers 2 -v- Hartley 1

On Sunday 13 March the “(GB) European Club Qualifier Competition was held at the Indoor venue at Whittlesey, near Peterborough.

The top 8 club teams from the 2004 National Club League took part to determine the 'Club Team' to represent the British Petanque Federation in the Confédération Européenne de Pétanque (CEP) 2005 European Cup for Club Teams Championship which is a a series of knockout competitions.

 The winning team were the Kent club team 'Plough & Chequers 2' beating 'Ventnor 1” who are from the Isle of Wight 4 games (points) to 1.

The final did not need to go the full 3 rounds, but all the games were close and hard fought to a high standard of play.  In round 1 the 'Plough & Chequers 2' mixed triple exerted a firm grip on the game from the start, winning 13-0; but the the open triple went to the wire, with Plough & Chequers 2 trailing 10-12 until a difficult point and jack move came off for team captain Dave Hurren to take the game 13-12.  In round 2 the three doubles games were also hard fought with the following results:

Plough & Chequers  13 - 12  Ventnor
Plough & Chequers  11 - 13  Ventnor
Plough & Chequers  13 - 10  Ventnor

The Plough & Chequers 2” team of Phil & Diz Murray, Kevin Woods, Martin Baker, Trevor Gordon & captain Dave Hurren will now go on to Luxembourg to play in the first knockout round of the 2005 European Cup for Club Teams.

edited report courtesy of Jack Milner & David Baxter

photograph: courtesy of David Baxter

Organiser: David Baxter  -  Umpire: David Hancox