British Boules/Pétanque Federation

Scope of the Federation

The organisation and administration of the playing of international petanque in Great Britain. The Federation  will affiliate to the FIPJP, (Federation Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal, CEP (the Confederation of European Pétanque), NSC (North Sea Committee). Membership of the Federation is open to the National Pétanque Associations of Channel Islands, England, Scotland and Wales.  Northern Ireland is part of the Irish Pétanque Association


That the Federation is kept as simple an organisation as possible, sufficient to discharge the duties required of it by the constituent associations and the international governing body. The Federation will be responsible for British representative teams and their development and the link to the world governing body the FIPJP.

Federation Responsibilities

Issue of licenses recognised by the FIPJP.

Promotion of Petanque in Great Britain

Coordination of a Development Plan for the sport in the UK

Federation Activities

Relationship with FIPJP, CEP and NSC and communication to and from constituent associations.

Teams for International and European representation – development of team standards.

Run an International Qualification competition on the lines of the current ICQS and last 16, but with the Grand Prix phase run by the National Associations 3 by EPA, 1 by SPA, 1 by WPA.

Organisation of Home Nations Competition.

Co-ordination of Umpiring and communication of rule changes.

Co-ordination of Coaching and Youth Development in relation to International teams.


Pursuing television and press coverage of tournaments or teams and their achievements.

Seeking funding for Federation activities

Federation Funding

Income from players and playing are designed to cover the costs of senior team international expenses.  Income from affiliation fees is designed to cover the administration costs of the Federation. The expenses for international junior teams to be met from a fund contributed by the National Associations, 2/3rd from England and 1/6th each from Wales and Scotland. 

Structure and Organisation Proposal

1.      Members

The Federation will be made up of eligible constituent National Associations in Great Britain; Channel Islands, England, Scotland, Wales who will each appoint up to two members to the Federation Executive which will deal with the day to day business and expect to operate by consensus..

2.      Policy

Will be set by an Annual congress of delegates from each affiliated association. The number of eligible delegates will be related to the number of members affiliated to the Federation by that Association, at the rate of 1 per 250 members or part there of.

3.      National Officers

The Executive will elect a President and Vice President from amongst their number. The President will be responsible for providing a Secretariat function (e.g. Federation Secretary and Treasurer).

4.      Appointed Officers

A Great Britain Umpire, Great Britain Team Coach(es) and such technical advisors as required will be appointed by the Executive.

5.      Administration

The Federation will Issue International Licences recognised by the FIPJP through affiliated associations. It will maintain a database of licence holders.

International team managers will be appointed by the executive as required.

Provide an appeal frame work for members rights, Equity (rights of minorities), Protection of Vulnerable members, Player  Discipline by providing  processes for complaints and appeals.

Seeking funding for Association activities – sponsorship, grants from funding bodies.

Funding Model

Sources of funds would be Affiliation fees; ICQS entry fees; Grants from National Associations; Fund raising activities; Grant aid; Sponsorship and donations.

Affiliation fees    We are proposing an initial affiliation fee of £2.50. A model budget based on these proposals is shown below.


British Federation Budget April 26th 2004












Playing activities










Senior World Championships







North Sea Championships








Ladies World/European








Junior World/European

















Competition Org. ex’s








National Associations' contributions to Juniors






Players, officials & other contributions







Grand Prix entry fees















































Affiliation fees


















Post & printing


















Audit fees









Bank charges









Annual Congress



















Sec/Treas Honoraria




























Per capita charge









BBF Licences






















































































Playing expenditures based on 2003 experience.





Playing income of £4000 from players, officials & others (eg donations & sponsors)


Junior International expenses met by National Associations' donations



of £2000 England and £500 each Wales and Scotland





International and European affiliation.







No separate insurance, all covered by National Association




Fee paid by National Associations in respect of each of their members



All members can get licence at no charge






Supporting Documents

British Federation Description

English Petanque Association Description

Draft Federation Constitution

Draft EPA Constitution