Chiltern Region experienced a lack of interest in the National Shooting Competition but, on a positive note, has discovered a very good location at Letchworth Rugby Club for their regional competitions. Members also assisted the BPA in promoting petanque at Knebworth House in May and anticipated doing the same at the Hertfordshire show in September.

Cornish Region have arranged sponsorship with Skinners Brewery of Truro for shirts, trophies and 'the odd barrel of beer'.Cheers !

Cymru/Wales has benefited from a training programme by the National Coach (Pat Watts) and the National Umpire (Mike Pegg) to increase their coaching team and to add an extra umpire in the region. The Fairwater club In Cardiff has developed their terrain with the help of some local council funding and a new club has been formed at the Abergavenny Rugby Club with huge potential as a venue.

Isle of Wight have had twelve juniors achieving the White Award and nine through the Green. They have been running fortnightly coaching sessions and the future looks bright with almost as many juniors registered with the region as seniors ! It is also worth noting that the final of the regional shooting competition in August was between two juniors, with seniors coming 3rd and 4th.

London President, Mike Jones, wonders whether anyone could produce a coaching manual for 'less than perfect' teams as the current ones presuppose a 90% hit rate for shooters. (Ed. How about a 'Coarse Guide to Petanque' from a budding author ? )

Northern reports that such is the level of participation in Regional events that some clubs are in the happy position of having to restrict entry because of lack of sufficient space to accommodate all the competitors.

South-East took on the French Nord-Maritime region in a 16-a-side, 4 rounds, triples match and came out victors by an impressive 41 games to 23

CYMRU/WALES May I on my own behalf and on behalf of the whole of the Regional Executive pass onto yourself, Chris Jones and Richard Trego our congratulations on passing the BPA Coaching Exams.

We extend our commiserations to those who were not successful this time around, but hope to see their names on the Roll of Honour in due course.

We cannot expect to see our sport develop and expand its membership unless we can develop the individual skills of our players, and the key to doing that is to have good coaching, readily available.

The whole of the Executive recognises the importance of good coaching and sees this news as very welcome. As a Region, we are very fortunate that some of our members, themselves skilled players, are prepared to give up some of their precious free time to become coaches, and then to apply their new skills for the benefit of the rest of our members.

The VP Playing has the task of co-ordinating the way in which these new and valuable "resources" of the Region are deployed, and we all look forward with keen anticipation to the ideas and plans which will emerge from that exercise in the near future.

Yours faithfully,

Dan Murphy,

President, Cymru-Wales Region"